What is Google Dorks and features

 There are two main methods used to find information from search engines around the world

Search engines are the first choice for any internet user these days when it comes to getting information in any field! There are two types of methods used to get information from search engines around the world.

  1. Active Information Gathering
  2. Passive Information Gathering
Users using the Internet in Active Information Gathering collect information by connecting their Internet connected device to the server, while users using the Internet in Passive Information Gathering collect information without connecting their Internet connected device to any server. Through today’s column we will learn about passive information gathering method i.e. Google Dorks which is useful for getting information. Google Dorks is also known as Google Hacking. Google Dorks tool was developed by Google with only two things in mind.
  1. Users get only the information they want, not others
  2. Find out what kind of defects are in the website or webpage
But while users are being harmed by hackers abusing the Google Dorks tool, another purpose of today’s column is to provide users with information about the Google Dorks tool and its keywords, as well as where users of the website find fault with their own website. Or to make them aware of how to find fault.
What is Google Dorks and features

What is Google Doors ?

There are many search engines in the world today. With Google search engine any user can easily search all the necessary things, but there are also many things that are used to search for different types of operators, keywords are used, through which the search details are found correctly and which The specific information that is really needed, the information that is obtained, which also saves the time of the users and the users who get the necessary information related to the subject, for the purpose of a certain type of facility provided by Google to all users or provided a tool, Which is called Google Doors. But unfortunately, Google Dorks is becoming more and more popular in the hacker community these days, and they use Google Dorks the most. Because they get information about everything or the information they want to collect from Google Doors in a matter of seconds. In short, an advanced tool developed by the Google search engine for the purpose of quickly assisting general users with any type of search term.

What user data is hackers trying to obtain using Google Docs and what steps should be taken to prevent it ?

Google Docs is a very powerful and sophisticated technique for finding clearly directed content on the Internet, as the Google search engine is constantly archiving screenshots of millions of websites in its database as well as it has already been working to capture such screenshots. So the Google search engine uses a special crawler called Google Bot. It is very important to know the information about it.
This crawler carries the specific responsibility of taking and storing screenshots of all the websites and their data very well and the crawling process on Google bot is very fast, resulting in taking screenshots of users’ information or data in the blink of an eye. Also stored on their own servers.
Hackers use Google Dorks to search Google users’ data through these Google bots and this Dorks tool helps hackers find many important data from the site including mainly
  1. weak webpage or content
  2. leaked password
  3. Configured files
  4. banking firm and e-mail
  5. health report
  6. multiple types of other reports
  7. login page
  8. errors on login page
  9. errors in website development
  10. Includes VR and Felder directory structure
  11. server information and other important data.
The question now is how to stop the crawling process by Google, which keeps the important data of the users private, programmers as well as developers should use the ‘Robot.txt’ file while developing the website.

Google Dorks Features 

Readers, there are many specialized keywords available in Google Docs, all of which can be summarized as follows.
Site: Site keywords are used whenever a user wants to get information related to a particular word from a particular website, its syntax.
The word ‘space’ site: ” website name ”
For example, if I want to find out which webpage has the word result from the website ‘GSEB.ORG’, I have to type in the Google search bar.
Result ” Site: ” GSEB Dot OR G ”
URL: The URL is the exact address of the website that appears in the browser’s address bar and the ‘URL’ keywords are used when users want to get information about a specific word from the information available in the URL, its syntax.
URL: “Word”
For example, if the user wants to get information about the word ‘admin’ from the URL, he has to type it in the Google search bar.
URL: “admin”
Intex: When a user wants to find a specific word from a particular website or from all webpages available in the web world, Intex: Keywords are used, its syntax.
Intex: ” Word ‘
For example, if users want to get information about the word ‘cyberspace’ from the message dot com website, they have to type it in the Google search bar.
Site: Message.com Space Intex: Cyberspace
Inttitle: When a user wants to find out if there is a specific word in the title of all the websites available in the cyber world, the title is used.
Entitled: Word
File type: PDF
File type: Keywords are used when a user wants to find ‘PDF’ type files from a website or webpage. Its syntax
File type: “PDF”

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