Watch out for weight loss: These nine common mistakes can backfire, experts advise

 Losing weight is the main goal of many people and even losing a few kilos in the initial fitness journey, but in this fitness journey, people make some mistakes that undo all their hard work so far. These mistakes are so common that hardly anyone notices them. Celebrity nutritionist Rijuta Divekar shared some videos on Instagram explaining the common mistakes people make while losing weight, let’s find out what are these mistakes?

Watch out for weight loss: These nine common mistakes can backfire, experts advise
weight loss

Don’t just focus on losing weight

This means that no one should make their diet solely about losing weight. Instead, one should make a diet which is suitable for their health and also changes the waist and chest area according to the body.

Don’t compare your past weight loss experiences with

your current weight loss efforts It’s okay to know past experiences or other people’s experiences, but don’t compare them to your current weight loss efforts.

Don’t Blame Yourself for Failed Results

No amount of discipline can make up for your poor diet plan when it comes to losing weight, so instead of blaming yourself when you don’t see results, experts say, you can improve your diet plan and start your weight loss journey again. can start

Any kind of rush to lose weight can prove harmful,

keep in mind that it takes about 12 weeks for the body to adapt to anything new, such as diet changes, exercise, etc. Just like you didn’t gain weight overnight, you have to give yourself enough time to lose it.

Don’t overdo or punish exercise

Being active in life is very important, but rest is equally important to overcome the fatigue of this active life. About 20-30 minutes of daily exercise is ideal to keep your body healthy. Also, never use exercise to punish yourself, as it can be harmful to your health or even injure you.

Don’t Underestimate

the Importance of Sleep Most people don’t realize the importance of sleep in their weight loss journey. If you feel even the slightest disturbance in your work pattern in your routine, understand that your sleep has decreased.

Don’t follow diets given on social media

Whenever starting to lose weight, consult an experienced dietitian and insist on following traditional methods. Never mistakenly follow a diet plan shown on social media or a diet plan shared by a social influencer.

Follow the three ‘S’

This means your hunger is how you feel on a daily basis? It depends on them. Always follow the three ‘S’ while losing weight, which are ‘sit and eat’, ‘slowly-slowly eat’ and ‘follow your senses.’ Pay attention to all these things while eating,

How healthy are you? Don’t rely on other people’s opinions

If you notice positive changes in your body, but no one has given you an opinion about your body changes, don’t assume it’s your whim. Continue the objection with the same routine whether or not someone gives an opinion

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