Sleeping Tips:Sleeping with a partner relieves depression, anxiety and stress and promotes good sleep

 Sleeping Tips: The director of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Sleeping close to your partner can reduce depression, anxiety and stress, says Michael Grade. Which strengthens social support and brings satisfaction in life. People who sleep all night do not sleep well. These people are more prone to depression and stress. The research collected data from more than 1700 people. Couples who slept with children were more likely to complain of insomnia and risk of sleep apnea.

Sleeping Tips:Sleeping with a partner relieves depression, anxiety and stress and promotes good sleep

Sleep apnea carries the risk of many diseases

Sleep apnea is the cause of all major heart diseases. Older people and children are at increased risk for this disease. This can lead to diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. A person suffering from this disease may also have trouble sleeping. This condition also increases the risk of accidents.

Late sleep

According to a survey by the University of Arizona, people who sleep with a partner sleep faster and better. Sleeping with a partner makes people sleep longer. These people are also less likely to have sleep apnea.

Why do you feel close to your spouse?

The real benefit of sharing bedtime with a partner is before bedtime. Hugs, talks and expresses love as the partner prepares to sleep. So that all the fatigue of the day is gone. This is the reason why people like their intimacy more when they are with their partner, being close to him gives him a hug or a touch, which makes the relationship better.

Hugging a partner will reduce stress hormones

Sleeping with a partner increases the level of a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is also called the love hormone. Which is also responsible for deep sleep, which reduces stress. The amount of oxytocin hormone in the body increases when hugging a partner or holding hands. Which lowers cortisol in the body.

The spooning position

is near the back of the male partner while sleeping. Which reveals the romance in the love and relationship between the couple.

The preterm position

is where the wife sleeps with her head resting on her husband’s chest and her husband hugs her. This position means that sleeping means that couples get along very well and they love each other very much.

Face of position

When husband and wife face each other while sleeping, it means that they always want to be close and there is a lot of mutual love between them.

Sleeping with the mouth facing in different directions

where the husband and wife have their backs to one side and their faces to the other, means that they have a lot of confidence in their relationship. They have no feelings of insecurity.

Rolling back position

When husband and wife lie face down on different sides, it means that both the partners are very tired and they need a lot of rest. In the meantime, they do not want to have sex.

When a man and a woman sleep together, in the language of psychology, it is called rapid eye movement sleep, according to research in Germany. In which sleep comes for a long time. There are also some couples in which one person goes to bed early at night and the other goes to bed late in the morning. In that case, if they go to bed together, read a book before going to bed and then go to bed with the lights off.

Changes in sleep patterns can weaken relationships.

Genes determine our sleep patterns. But couples who do not have the same sleep patterns and try to change their sleep cycle under the pressure of circumstances, their fatigue increases. According to the Natural Sleep Cycle, sleep deprivation can increase the risk of insomnia and stress. It also has a negative effect on relationships.

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