Breast cancer is the third most dangerous of the 4 grades, know the symptoms

Breast cancer is the third most dangerous of the 4 grades, know the symptoms

  • Cases are increasing in women aged 25-40 years
  • In the third grade, cancer spreads rapidly
  • There are 4 stages of cancer, the fourth of which is dangerous

The incidence of breast cancer is higher among women in the country. The Indian Council of Medical Research released a report on the National Cancer Registry Program in 2020 which showed the pace of cancer. According to him, 15.7 lakh cases of breast cancer could occur in 2025, which could be a challenge. Women are not aware of this cancer. If we talk about the stage of cancer, we don’t know its grade.

Cancer information is obtained based on the stage

According to the information received, the information about breast cancer comes from its stage but it also has many grades. Cancer cells are differentiated from healthy cells by their grade. While it looks different from healthy cells. This means that the grade of cancer is high. There are 3 grades of cancer. The third grade is dangerous. In this condition the cancer spreads rapidly. Speaking of stage, they range from 0-4. Stage 4 is the deadliest. It can cause breast cancer to spread to other parts of the body. The grade gives an idea of ​​the cancer cells and the stage gives information about how big the tumor is and how far it has spread.

The reason is a bad lifestyle

Breast cancer cases are coming up in younger women. Lifestyle is the biggest reason for young women to get breast cancer and genetics is another reason. If someone in this girl’s family has got breast cancer, she is more likely to get it. Women in these young women should be examined regularly.

Awareness needs to be raised

According to the information received, there is a need to raise awareness about breast cancer in women. Many times women do not recognize the symptoms of cancer properly. In many cases even a small tumor is not noticed, but if anyone is showing this symptom, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

These are the common symptoms of breast cancer

  • A lump in the breast
  • Inflammation and red rash on the breast
  • Swelling and pain in the breast
  • Changes in the shape of the breast

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